Foul is Fair (Something Wicked, Book #1)

Elisse Hay

Aurora “Rory” Gold is a witch with a troubled past, working with the East Melbourne Coven as a caretaker to monitor supernatural beings in her area for the government. After the trauma of her last job as a Retrieval Officer, and the death of her childhood friend, Rory is hoping for a nice, boing desk job that will keep her out of danger. However, when she’s assigned to look into a local lycan pack, she finds herself falling for their alpha and getting caught up in a conspiracy that’s closer to home than she knows. 

Fraught with danger, sarcastic humor, and steamy romance, this novel has it all! “Foul is Fair” is the first in the “Something Wicked” series, and holds promise for many more entertaining stories to come. Aurora is a strong, independent female, who is unafraid to challenge the male status quo, while still allowing herself to be vulnerable and loved by the sexy alpha, Beo. This novel takes the reader on a harrowing adventure, mixing paranormal romance with a good old murder mystery. The writing is witty and engaging, keeping the reader entertained until the end. For fans of supernatural whodunits with a little spice, this is a story readers won’t want to miss!

Nicole Harlow