First Second Coming (The New God Book 1)


TV personality Ram Forrester wants Brendali Santamaria to be his co-host in a new program. Having both survived brushes with violence, they are ready for this fresh start. But on the first airing of the show, God makes an appearance. This New God lays down an ultimatum: humankind has sixty days to establish religious tolerance among all religions or risk extinction as a species. Ram and Brendali are chosen to host the convocation and report on its progress. As religious leaders gather, it is a race against the clock to achieve the New God's demands. At the same time, Ram and Brendali become the targets of religious fanatics. Will the two live long enough to enjoy falling in love, or will they cease to exist along with everyone they hold dear?

"First Second Coming" captivates from the start, with a fascinating premise that never lets go! The year is 2027, nearly present day, when the New God takes over duties. While religions and their tenets are woven throughout the story, the author deftly navigates through these to craft a suspenseful tale with a touch of romance. The author uses a first-person point of view for both Ram and Brendali, which can be confusing to keep track of unless you purposely read the chapter titles. Ram, an atheist, and Brendali, a devout Catholic, make for an unlikely combination as God's chosen ones to organize the convocation, yet their determination to hold the various religious leaders' feet to the fire will have readers rooting for them. "First Second Coming" packs a powerful punch for a debut novel and sets the stage for an exciting new series!

Tricia Hill