First Oracle (Fury Rising #1)

M.L. Cook and
Niki Bright

The Orcs, a once insurmountable race united under a strong ruler, are now fractured into seven tribes by a dark secret. These proud people now struggle and fight for their lives against the other races and each other. However, the appearance of an Oracle in the strongest tribe offers hope that one day the tribes will once again unite as one and prosper without fear. Together, the Orcs of the strongest tribe take on a journey to find a new home and begin the struggle that will bring the tribes back together as one and bring about peace. But with visions from the past and future comes new responsibilities toward other races that may shake the very foundation of the mighty Orcs' beliefs.

The story has a unique take on a race commonly portrayed as villains in most other tales, making the Orcs easy to relate to and become invested in. The rich history behind the Orcs mixed with the way in which mystical prophecy is incorporated truly draws the reader in. However, the struggle to stay invested in the story begins right away with harsh transition issues that leave the reader confused as to which race they are reading about, or who’s point of view they are in. The significance of the Oracle’s special gift of sight is quickly lost when several characters other than the Oracle begin to have visions. This leaves the reader to wonder why this power was thought of as a feared or miraculous one rather than a commonplace one. With some content editing and smoother transitions, the book truly has the potential to be a fantastic fantasy.

Annalee Stilove