Fangsters: A Novel

Jo-Ann Carson

Rebel Black is an incredibly smart witch with a Ph.D. in Education. Unfortunately, after a messy breakup and a toxic relationship, she finds herself back home in Mystic Keep with her sisters. It isn’t the ideal situation, especially with the town being a safe haven of sorts for the supernatural, but she takes the leap anyway. Shortly after her arrival, she is tracked down by Alessandro and blackmailed into starting a Vampire Academy for his sires. With a short timeline to work with, Rebel struggles to accept her new commitment, especially with news of several murdered witches. When a vampire offers to align with her, she must decide if she can really trust him or if she will have better luck trying to survive this alone. 

The vast variety of personalities and behaviors represented in the characters is phenomenal. Each character embodies their assigned persona incredibly well and it makes for a joyful read as they interact with each other. Their character development shows the perfect amount of reluctance and submission that one would expect from a vampire as well. The comic relief intertwined amongst the drama and worry that Rebel faces is what makes this a much lighter read than one would expect from the typical supernatural fantasy. Everything, from Rebel’s thoughts and dialogue to her journal entries, adds to the humor. While “Fangsters” definitely has its own tone and twist, the plot does sometimes feels like a melting pot of every supernatural fantasy on the market rather than its own story. Despite this, the read is enjoyable and light-hearted. 

Sadie Wilson