Enchanting Fate (Fairy Tales of Gallia Book One)


NEW ADULT: Marguerite’s family is in a dire position. With her father’s merchant ships destroyed at sea, she is forced to consider marriage to Gustave Bellanger. Mr. Bellanger, unhappy with his previous attempts to secure a marriage to Marguerite, will marry her and save her family, but only once he returns from his Navy tour. Until then the family must sell all their possessions and move to a small cottage in the woods. Henri d’Alarie, once he inherits his title, moves to Chateau d’Alarie deep in the woods as far from his vile stepmother and sisters as possible. When Henri is cursed because of his cruelty, he is turned into a beast and all his household staff into various animals. The enchanter tells them only one can break the curse and that Henri must learn to love and be loved. When fate brings Marguerite to the Chateau they have four months to figure out if he can learn to love her and she him.

This is a distinct retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Marguerite is easy to like and relate to, while Henri at the beginning seems unredeemable. There are some slow parts to this fairytale as it meanders through unexpected twists. The curse and its effects are unique in this retelling, and the descriptions are captivating. The character growth of both main characters and several of the minor characters as well is terrific. Details and vivid descriptions bring the world of Gallia to life. The unique twists set this story apart. Fairytale fans won’t want to miss this unique adaptation of a classic!

Cara Cieslak