Elemental Fire

Sin Marston can see through glamour. That is a rare talent for a human living among the multitude of “hidden” beings who visit earth. It has afforded her a job that is both exciting and interesting. That is, until catching a simple thief in an art gallery results in a much deeper problem and lands her right in the middle of dangerous paranormal politics! Radzik Cray has lived for centuries working to build his power base and wealth among the humans. So, upon seeing Sin, he is interested in an enjoyable dalliance with the intriguing woman. But as he learns more about her, he realizes there are forces at hand that may be capable of destroying all he—and everyone he works for—holds dear. But how to uncover the rats without annihilating the worlds?
In a world full of paranormal books, this story stands out! It is tightly and intelligently written while still imbuing all the steam, action and excitement any paranormal or fantasy reader yearns for! There are twists, turns and surprises galore that keep a reader turning the pages and biting their nails. The character depth is a bit shallow at first but slowly begins to flesh out as the story progresses. And, since this seems to be the first in a series, they should continue to develop more dimension as time goes on. As the action increases and the intensity grows from one world to the next, readers will find it impossible to leave, it is that hard to put down and very well worth the read!
Ruth Lynn Ritter