Discord (Modern Knights, Book 4)

Jacob Darien understands that he needs to pay the price for all of the mistakes he’s made in the past, and that’s why he is at peace about being in jail. A new avatar of chaos has been chosen, however, and this avatar is a familiar face in Jacob’s life. They’re determined to lurevJacob and his inner demon—literally—out to play. He’s determined to not repeat his sins and refuses to use his magic. How long will he be able to hold out? Everyone is against him. The police, former allies, and a dangerous Goddess of Discord looking for his blood. And his demon, Abaddon the Destroyer of Worlds, can be awfully persuasive. Surviving might take a lot more than pure luck and quick wit.
“Discord” is a wild ride from start to finish! A unique world readers will love to get lost in! Mr. Bader has created a fun adventure in his latest installment of the Modern Knights series. Jacob Darien is a strong lead, likable, and funny. His banter with his inner demon, Abaddon, is especially witty and entertaining. All of the characters shine bright, from the star of the show to the smallest of supporting roles. From start to finish the book is full of action and intrigue. There are enough familiar elements to the supernatural genre to keep it from being too different, however there are enough twists to keep it fresh. The pacing is fast and the writing is easy to get into. This book can be read as a standalone, but there are characters from past books so readers will get the most out of this after having read those books. This is a great read for lovers of fast paced, supernatural, reads!
Chelsea Andersen