Death Smells Disaster: A Light Urban Fantasy Mystery Novel (Outside the Circle Mystery Book 3)


Abbie Grimshaw is a Grimm; a Grimm who must trust a witch to watch over her kids while she attends to important business. She wouldn’t leave them with just any witch, but the witch in question is a very powerful witch, and the grandmother of her good friend. When her trusted friend’s grandma goes missing the night she is supposed to start her childcare duties, Abbie is bent on finding out what happened to the strong witch. With the help of her brother and friends, she must travel back in time and trust all of her instincts to help her fight the supernatural evil powers without upsetting the timeline of the past and present.

Witches, shifters, Grimms, and ghosts - this fantasy has them all! With a completely new world created within the one we know, Ms. Vedam brings this story to life. Filled with fantastical magic, the pages are explodin with imagination. As Abbie works to uncover what is really going on, she is aided by ghosts and all-knowing Grimm books. This story may be easier to follow after getting the background from the first two in the series, but it can still be read as a standalone. The details of the magical world can be overwhelming, and at times, they detract more than add to the plot line. The character development is also lacking with Abbie ending much the same as she began, only having undergone an adventure. A lot more could have been done with the vibrant characters and carefully crafted world, but this is still an enjoyable tale.

Cara Cieslak