Darkest Misery (Miss Misery #4)

With an impending apocalypse foreshadowed by a prophecy, Jessica Moore has to do everything in her power to form an alliance with all the paranormal beings before it's too late. Unfortunately, each faction loses trust in each other when a member is found murdered. Jessica is left to try and put the pieces back together, but with all the fighting she decides to take matters into her own hands. She struggles to understand the full capability of her powers and is forced to test how strong she really is. Will she be able to stop the impending apocalypse on her own, or will the paranormal factions get along long enough to help each other?
“Darkest Misery” is the fourth installment of the series that lays a lot of fundamental groundwork for the upcoming apocalypse and the battle to come. That said, the meat of this novel is centered around a lot of bickering amongst members of different paranormal factions and Jessica testing how immune she really is when it comes to preds. The character growth is slow-moving as well, with everyone being about as stubborn at the end of the novel as they are at the beginning. Despite the anticipation for the apocalyptic battle scene, there is plenty of action to enjoy and the dialogue is almost comical between all the factions because of their incessant bickering and lack of trust. Overall, a well-written story that adds a lot of background and support to the overarching plot of the series.
Sadie Wilson