Curse of the Huntsman’s Jewel

Kirsten S.

In a fairytale land, there are two sisters named Bianca and Rose who lived with their grandmother, parents and their cousin, Scarlett. One night their parents are summoned by the Queen, returning without their mother, their father forces them to flee in the middle of the night. Years later, their father and grandmother are killed and now they live together trying to survive. They have become huntresses, avoiding the Queen. They soon meet three brothers. While Rose falls head over heels for Emmett, Bianca and Scarlett can’t trust the other brothers. They will soon discover that they are in so much more danger than they realized. They will need the help of the animagus brothers if they are able to survive and discover why they are being hunted.

There is so much to unpack in this whirlwind fairytale! In fact, it is not just one fairytale but three fairytale retellings in one. There is Snow White, Red Rose, and Little Red Riding Hood. It would be beneficial to break up the tales because each chapter changes from the different points of view and makes the pace feel extremely repetitive. At times the plot meanders. There are descriptions of wolf attacks for anyone sensitive to trauma. While the female characters are delightful and fierce, the male characters leave much to be desired. In fact, two of the brothers have a difficult time understanding “no means no”, and all of their appeal is lost. However, the ending really sets up the plot for book two which will leave readers wanting more!

Amanda Hupe