The Crossing (Arlan’s Pledge Book 1)


The destined warrior and clan chief of Dál Gaedhle, Arlan, decides he wants an alternative option to being a leader – only it seems Arlan got more than he asked for. Two completely opposite worlds collide when Arlan jumps into a literal new time and discovers Rhiannon, a librarian who feels completely out of place in the normal world. With more in common than the two expected,  Arlan and Rhiannon soon discover that even if they’re unfitting in their own worlds, they somehow fit together just perfectly… though the clan chief must learn just how hard it is to choose between love and his people. The question is whether Arlan will return to his home world, or stay with the woman he’s been waiting his entire life for?

Everything about this novel is captivating, from the world-building all the way to the enticingly romantic love story that readers feel is unfolding directly in front of them. This book will hook one in from the beginning, and remain enchanting with its connection to the fantasy world and a relatable crossover to the real world. The storyline does take readers quickly through the plot, making it a little difficult to immerse and catch up in the middle. However, once a reader is in, they’re stuck in this book like a sweet bowl of honey. The character depth, the sweet romance, and the magnificent plot are just the overall umbrella points to why this is a wonderful read. This novel makes readers want to hold on to the world and clutch every page until the end, simply because it’s that good.

Austen Grace