Cross Waves (The Mind Hackers Series #2)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Geneva Ericksen has more psychic power than she can handle. Rolf Jorgensen is the only one who can help her control it, but they go together like oil and water. She’s harboring deep resentment from their past, and he’s hiding a deadly secret. As paired operatives of the U. S. government’s Cognitive Mind Unit, they’ll have to put aside their animosity and sizzling attraction to work together on a dangerous new assignment. Other operatives have gone missing and rumors of long-lost crystals with trapped psychic power have resurfaced. The volatile partners must find the missing agents and figure out if the crystals and the disappearances are connected, before Geneva’s growing power consumes them all.

“Cross Waves”, Book Two of the Mind Hackers Series, is a paranormal tale with a tantalizing pseudo-science element. The main character’s ability to read auras proves useful in so many ways. The system by which psychic abilities are categorized and used in tandem for maximum efficiency is a fascinating bit of world-building. Lots of thought went into the concepts in this book, but more detail to the background landscape would have accentuated this engrossing tale. The strong, self-contained plot gives it a standalone quality, while expertly suggesting to the reader that there’s exciting territory before and after this installment. The stakes are kept high enough to support the longer novel length, and its well-crafted twists and fast pacing make the pages turn quickly. Overall, author Amanda Uhl has invented a fresh brand of psychic paranormal romance with an imaginative and captivating theme.

Starling Gray