Coyote Calling (A Shifter Seeker Book 1)


Sonia Michaelson is a varulfur (werewolf) with an enormous responsibility to help new and reluctant “bitten in” shifters control their very first shift so that they do not go insane. Her job as the leitar (seeker) and her boyfriend, Tyler Vidarsson’s job as kennari (teacher) is ordained by the Norse Gods. Sonia and Tyler are summoned by the Caninus Council of alpha shifters, who challenge their roles, along with the roles of their reaper counterparts, because the last seeker and reaper had been gone for over three hundred years. Regardless, of the other shifters’ vote of no confidence, Sonia must still deal with the mystery of female Navajo skinwalkers being “bitten in” to become coyote shifters against their will. Her mother comes from the line of skinwalkers but has gone missing. Will Sonia find her and discover the culprit before more women become victims?

“Coyote Calling” is an ambitious branching out of Norse werewolf mythology. Shifter terminology derives from Icelandic, Swedish, Navajo, Yoruban, and more. Although meant to be a standalone, there are repeated references to previous stories that will leave newcomers wondering. The established cast and new characters are so numerous that some, like Sonia’s roommate and Sonia’s subsequent coyote rescues, don’t appear in person. Her familiar, a clumsy raven named Gripp, steals every scene and provides humor and stability. Sonia and Ty have a loving and very sexy relationship throughout. Despite Ty’s tempered protectiveness and support, at times Sonia has more self-sufficiency than common sense. It is no surprise when Sonia, in turn, needs rescuing, but some of her rescuers are unexpected indeed! This is thrilling, action-packed, and poised to introduce new adventures.

Joan Lai