Courtship (The Voodoo Butterfly Series Book 4) 



Sophie Nouveau should be worrying about planning her upcoming wedding, but instead she finds herself fretting that an old foe has somehow been resurrected when a baby is mysteriously snatched from its crib by a blackbird. Powerful magic is at work in New Orleans, and Sophie fears that she might not be able to save everyone she needs to, especially when secrets from the past come out to taunt her. Will the discovery of her true bloodline help her to ascend to the next level, or force her to accept that sometimes not knowing might be the better option for everybody involved?   

New Orleans is steeped in magical history, and readers will love the way it weaves its way seamlessly through this novel! Despite being book 4 in the series, any relevant information is blended in throughout the story, which for the most part allows newer readers to still enjoy the developing plotline. Traversing not only spiritual planes but time travel as well adds greatly to the storytelling as it allows the reader to really experience the story along with the heroine, including the shocking revelations about who she really is.  The historical research the author shares blends old world magics with modern day practices in a clever and page-turning way. A rollercoaster of a ride that leads to a very satisfying ending and provides a glimpse into the fascinating world of voodoo that is so often overlooked!

Melanie Newton