City of Ruin (Witch Walker Book 2)

Raina Bloodgood has seen the darkness. With the destruction of her village of Silver Hollow, Raina is now an integral part of the power struggle between Gods and princes. After the Prince of the East kidnapped the Frost King, Raina and Alexus Thibeault flee south with a small band of warriors to rescue their friend. The Prince intends to use the Frost King to weaken Fia Drumera, keeper of the City of Ruin, and resurrect his master, Thamaos, God of the Eastern Territories. Raina is revealed as a witch and seer of great potential and Alexus, The Witch Collector and her new lover, will do everything in his power to train and protect her. But with the reappearance of Raina’s spurned childhood sweetheart, Alexus’ ancient ex-heartmate, and not one but two Gods angling for rebirth, the danger and drama is palpable.
Richly drawn and beautifully written, not a single word is wasted in this incredible fantasy. Magic perfuses the pages, enhancing the sparkling narrative, as fireflies to a moonlit Tiressian night. Charissa Weaks has created an alluring mythology that captivates the reader with passionate witches, tortured sorcerers, and conniving gods. The menace of the Gods is so real that the heroes struggle to stave off destruction. Raina and Alexus burn with strength and determination by day and smoulder under the blankets at night. They are supported by friends and warriors who exhibit true grit. Characters are so alive that they leap off the page! The fast pace, witty repartee, and memorable cast should propel City of Ruin to the top of every Romantasy lover’s To Read list. The shocking ending will have readers yearning for more.
Joan Lai