The Chocolate Prophecy (Heron Prophecies Book 1)


Jek is a humble lighthouse steward on the southern coast of Jast-Madiir along with his assigned wife, Aaliyah… or was it Audrey? Jek has little expectations living under an iron-fisted dictatorship, a global dragon-Inquisition, and a paperwork obsessed clerical order of flying jellyfish-like creatures. When a regular visit from the Inquisition coincides with a lighthouse inspection, Jek has reason to be stressed, but he never expected he’d be kidnapped along with his wife and dragged off on a Noble Quest that would place him amidst civil war, rebellions, magic, and possible Doom Fleets! His only hope of avoiding execution is to complete the Noble Quest by finding the Knights of the Indigo Lodge, but with great evils stirring, and the Grand Inquisitor slumbering, unraveling the truths behind the infamous “The Chocolate Prophecy” might just be more than a simple guy like Jek can take!

An epic tale of adventure with every trope given a fun satirical lift, and so much action and conspiracy to read, readers will be hard pressed to put this book down! While the book is long, it successfully tells a complete tale, creates a cast of characters with personality and depth, and adds enough twists to keep the reader guessing just what would happen next, and how! Further, it has a light romantic thread and still manages to hint at a second book, circling back to the beginning in a way that is humorous and fitting. Overall, this is a very clever fantasy adventure that combines the strengths of J.R.R. Tolkien and Terry Pratchett. It definitely shouldn’t be missed!

Sarah E Bradley