Blood Fae (Spirit Seeker Book 2)

Amber K.

Sybille Esmond is a psychic, but right now she needs to be so much more, as the life that she’s been living falls into chaos all around her. Her best friend has been kidnapped, his niece is in mortal danger, and her blood-thirster boyfriend would like nothing more than for her to join him in his undead life. A war is coming between the fae factions, and only Sybille can stop it. Failure is not an option when everyone she cares about and the Earth itself are at risk, but it seems even with the ability to travel between worlds, she may not be powerful enough to save them all. 

The ideas in this book are definitely unique, which is always an accomplishment as there are so many storylines already out there. The story being so complex, although well crafted, may leave new readers a little lost at times. It is clear that the previous installment had a lot of influence regarding what is happening in the narrative now. With so many new rules to try to comprehend, it can feel a little confusing. The story’s originality ends up being a slightly double-edged sword, as generally accepted supernatural rules cannot automatically be applied. The ending sets up for an exciting book three, and had this installment allowed readers to know the world’s rules, this could easily become a five-star series. 

Melanie Newton