Black Dog Rising


Nothing has made sense for Emma since arriving in England after being forced to flee her ex-boyfriend and his dead wife’s vengeful ghost. She seeks refuge in the sleepy village of Ninestone Downs where people still whisper of fairies and a hellish phantom canine prowls its streets. With secrets of his own, Toby has no more room in life for the paranormal. Between a four-hundred-year-old curse and a past he cannot escape, the last thing he wants is an American in desperate need of shelter on his doorstep. With ancient forces stirring, Emma finds herself the target of a shadowy stalker. But after an accidental touch awakens a bond between them, will it be enough to withstand the evil Fae Court and the hellhound on her heels?

A perfect addition for paranormal romance fans, “Black Dog Rising” is reminiscent of genre favorites such as Patricia Briggs and Karen Chance. Full of dark atmosphere and secrets, the story is led by a heroine who, for all her flaws, still comes off as a strong female lead. Although the romance is a slow burn, the chemistry between the leads is palpable from the very beginning and solidified throughout the story with expertly written dialogue that brings both the characters and their relationship to life. Despite their baggage and faults, it is hard not to root for them. Even the antagonist is a complex character who should not be taken at face value. With romance interwoven expertly into the story as the plot and mythology are fleshed out, “Black Dog Rising” is a fantastical must-read just in time for Halloween! 

Arec Rain