Betrayed by Blood (The Shelton Family Legacy:1)


Andy McHale is a PI with a penchant for trouble. She's kept her head down in Seattle, but that's about to end. She's an unregistered Elemental with the ability to manipulate fire and electricity, and a bounty hunter is on her trail. Even worse, she's discovered information about a government facility that is too dangerous to possess. When her life falls apart, she runs to the last place she ever wanted to go - New York City. There she runs into her past, and meets Gabriel Vanguard, a tech wizard and someone with the potential to uncover her secrets. Soon, she finds herself agreeing to go into a high-security prison to break an Elemental out. What Andy discovers inside could rip the world apart and force her to finally face her past and become the woman she was always meant to be.

"Betrayed by Blood" bursts with excitement and blazes with action and adventure from start to finish! Andy's independence rubs up against her deep-seated need to find a place she belongs. Returning to New York City takes her back to where it all started. L.A. McGinnis has created a dystopian world set in the future in which some of the human population have powers over the elements. Twists, turns and revelations will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The romance is barely kindled in this first book of a two-book series. The ending clearly leads readers to the second book by leaving quite a number of issues up in the air. "Betrayed by Blood" heats up the pages with secrets, betrayal, and magic and readers will be on fire for the sequel!

Tricia Hill