Beguiled (Portals of Destiny Book 3)

Elizabeth Rose

Zann has only one power—shapeshifting into a wolf. Without the aid of more powerful magic, Zann finds himself serving as hunter for Castle Mura. When the king in his ever-greedy search for new game sends Zann to hunt in the forests of Glint, it sets in motion events neither could have foreseen. Queen Lira Pentstone is hunting in the forest and shoots Zann in his wolf form. The two of them are suddenly thrown together and find themselves tricked into marriage by Lira’s father, Elric. There is little time to worry about that as a portal keeps opening, and someone is trying to kidnap Lira’s daughter. The new couple must learn to rely on each other and on their families if they want a chance to save their Queendoms and Kingdoms.

A fantasy romance with elves, magic, giants, dragons, and a world full of imagination. Unfortunately, the problems with this book start off fast and keep coming. Conversations feel stilted and forced, and Zann and Lira lack chemistry between them. With a unique plotline and a terrifically crafted fantasy world, this story could be so much more. There is so much happening at once that the characters are porting from one location to another. With so many different threats and things happening, character development and relationship development simply don’t happen. This story has so much potential and room for love, adventure, and growth in a world filled with vivid descriptions and magical encounters. A more focused storyline and more time spent on relationships would allow the characters and plot to develop, and would give readers a chance to invest in both.

Cara Cieslak