Bagpipes and Basil (The Shrouded Isle Book 2)

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Becca Shaw, an American widow, has settled with her teenage daughters into her new home on a remote Scottish Island. The island is home to a reclusive set of islanders who have ties to the fae. While Becca and her older daughter study spells, mysterious and malicious pranks take place in the village. Suspicion turns to Becca. Her boyfriend, Greg Gillie, who is charged with protecting the island from fae escaping the Hill and wreaking havoc on humans, can’t detect fae involvement. As Becca tries to track the source of the pranks, her dead husband's family arrive with endless demands that push Becca to her limits. Can Becca bring peace back to the isle or will evil win this round?
"Bagpipes and Basil" creates a lighthearted fantasy world that captures the reader's imagination with a mix of witches, shifters, goblins, selkies, and more! The story is told in first person. Becca is an extremely likable young widow, raising two teenage daughters, and navigating a world whose rules are very different from those of Texas. Her daughters characters are well developed with distinct personalities but keeping track of all their friends is challenging. Although the visit from her husband's family adds comic relief, their self-centeredness becomes wearing. Greg and Becca’s relationship is in its early stages. As there are few moments for them to truly be alone, their budding romance is often overshadowed by other events. The climax sets up conflict for a future installment that points to more mischief afoot to plague the shrouded isle. 'Bagpipes and Basil' sprinkles pixie dust magic that will have readers smiling from start to finish!
Tricia Hill