Bad Girls Drink Blood (Blood Fae Druid Book 1)


Lane is a part sun fae part blood fae, who has never fit in with her own people. When she lived at home, Lane was treated as an abomination and was bullied, called names, threatened, and someone even attempted to assassinate her when she was younger. Lane decides to leave her home - along with her sisters - to start a new life and open a detective agency where the sisters take on a myriad of cases to make a living, the last of which leaves Lane with a major dilemma – return home to help the sun fae who despised her, or let them all burn?

“Bad Girls Drink Blood” is an action-packed adventure that will leave the reader on the edge of their seat. S.L. Choi has created a unique and fascinating story with a complex world filled with different paranormal creatures. The reader may feel that the story slows at times and the words could flow more freely. One will enjoy most of the characters and will especially enjoy the love and bickering between the sisters. The reader will feel more of a connection between the sisters. One will really want to love and cheer the main character, on, but her character is always whining or saying she does not like someone - even during the action scenes. The reader may not feel the connection and romance between Lane and Teddy, due to the lack of relationship development. However, despite these issues, “Bad Girls Drink Blood” is entertaining for lovers of paranormal/urban fantasy tales.

Victoria Zumbrum