Bad Girls Bite (Blood Fae Druid Book 2)

S.L Choi

Mealaney Callaghan is a hybrid of vampire and blood fae, and things are seemingly good in her life. She has her boyfriend and black wolf, Teddy, a detective agency with her two sisters, and all the bad guys are in prison (if not dead). Oh, and cool accommodations in the heart of Las Vegas, courtesy of her grandfather, a powerful druid. But her strength is depleting. To increase it, she needs to drink blood from Teddy, but refuses for fear of forming dependency. When a job leads her to investigate the disappearance of the sun fae, it appears the prisoners are missing too, and Laney is bound and determined to find them all. Will she be able to do it? And will she overcome her fears to accept her true nature to save her family and Teddy?

Intriguing, funny, and engaging, this fantasy story has all the right flavors to tickle one’s taste buds. A sassy, stubborn, yet endearing heroine, quirky dysfunctional family members, and a man she loves but is afraid to trust. And of course, mystery upon mystery to solve. The plot is complex but so quirky and intriguing that the reader is happy to be pulled along for the ride. The characters are well-developed, and the realms are tangible. The reader may miss some plot development and backstories that may have been set in the previous book, however, it doesn't detract from the story which can be easily read as a standalone. “Bad Girls Bite” will have readers wanting to follow the series from the very beginning.

Rika Chandra