The Alice Curse

Megan Van Dyke

On the day Eliza Carroll mourns the death of her grandmother, she is also informed her parents have secured a husband for her. Devastated, Eliza finds solace in the gardens. But upon trying to befriend a lovely rabbit, she inadvertently falls into a hole that lands her in another world! There, she discovers the rabbit is actually a handsome man named Finn, who is tasked to take her to the Red Court where she will be crowned the next “Alice” - the savior of Wonderland. As bizarre as it sounds, Eliza realizes she is not dreaming and the dangers are all too real. With the knights of the White Court chasing them, Eliza must determine how to save a world, keep her head, and find her heart - all before everything falls apart.

In this creative retelling, Ms. Van Dyke has brought new life and a lovely bit of romance to the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland, revitalizing and reimagining the story in a whole new way. While all the characters are obvious, each has been transformed into living, breathing people which gives the story a bit of realism readers can grasp onto. While we follow Eliza and Finn, we also are treated to a creative take on the events that keep Wonderland alive in her fight to return home. While the set-up, characters, and overall story are not new, the twists on each trope and character are fun and inventive enough that the reader stays engaged and enjoying the ride! It is a story filled with action, adventure - all wrapped up in a romance that is deliciously delightful!

Ruth Lynn Ritter