Age of Druids (Druid’s Brooch Series, Book 9)


HISTORICAL:  Clíodhna has enough on her hands with three children and a missing husband. She does not need to deal with rising squabbles between the new church and her way of life. Her one and only friend in the church, a monk with whom she finds a true connection, is also an outcast in the eyes of the new church leader. Power grows within her, and the more she ignores it, the less fulfilled her life becomes. When she is offered a chance to travel into another world, but leave her children behind, she is torn on what is best for them all. Clíodhna must decide if true happiness is a part of her destiny.

“Age of Druids” is the final book in the “Druid’s Brooch Series”. It provides an exciting and fulfilling conclusion to the series! While it can be read on its own, readers will get the most enjoyment from the novel after reading the other installments. Clíodhna, the heroine of the story, goes on a journey full of magic and adventure. She is strong and courageous, always keeping what is best for her family in mind. Her struggles and emotions are relatable on a number of levels, and readers will find her easy to connect with. Ms. Nichols has created a world so vibrant and real, it is easy to get sucked in! This is a great book for lovers of fantasy, adventure, and history mixed in with their romances! 

Chelsea Andersen