After Midnight (Ravens Hollow Coven Book 4)

Shari Nichols

Brooke Howe is a matchmaker, astrologer, and witch. She uses her knowledge of the stars and her magic to help others find their true love. What Brooke can’t seem to do is find true love for herself. Brooke’s newest challenge comes in the form of Nico Papadopolous. Nico has finally achieved his dream of owning his own restaurant, and now he is hoping to find true love as well. He puts his trust in the matchmaking services of Brooke, but both find themselves fighting their own attraction for each other. Despite the chemistry between the two, nothing comes easy, especially because Brooke is caught up in a centuries-old familial curse about love. 

This book is part of an already established series but makes it easy for a new reader to drop right in to the story and get hooked. Brooke and Nico heat up the pages while fighting a history of bad relationships – and an actual curse. Despite the odds stacked against them, true love is Brooke’s business, and it’s time to fight for what she wants.  The author tells an engaging story of love being enough, even when you think the odds will always be against you. A tribute to taking a chance and finding out your dreams can come true! 

Valerie Vicars