Recent Reviews

TIME TRAVEL: When Ellie Hartford, a divorced American Middle English professor, and her two daughters traveled to England to visit old friends, she had no idea of the adventure that awaited her! First is meeting Harry, a very handsome neighbor, then having her ex-boyfriend, John, show up at the house in manacles, bruised and bleeding!

HISTORICAL: When Lady Victoria Crawley left London to live with her grandmother, she had no idea danger would follow! While walking home one evening, she finds a man who’s been shot and is in desperate need of help. That man turns out to be Hunter Willowbrook, heir to a Dukedom and grandson of a dear friend of Victoria’s family.

Dark Wine at Dawn
Jenna Barwin

Henry Bautista and his fiancée, Cerissa, have traveled to the New York Collective in order to fulfill Henry’s bite requirements with his maker, Anne-Louise, but of course, when Henry and Anne-Louise are near each other, all hell breaks loose.

Rafe Alonso is the newly appointed Police Captain, a promotion he received after convicting a serial killer in the big city. He’s settling in the small Illinois town of Rolling Brook when a familiar face shows up in his local market and he’s flooded with memories from a decade ago. Tori Graham (Rafe’s ex-girlfriend) has come to town to work on her most recent novel.

Cocktails & Cauldrons
T. M. Cromer

Reclusive artist Eoin O’Malley has made a name for himself in the art world and comes from a long line of powerful witches that have only recently had their magic returned to them. Wallflower Brenna Sullivan is the niece of one of Eoin’s patrons. The quiet, mousey girl has intrigued Eoin over the last four years, all while rebuffing her voracious Aunt Odessa.