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After her parents pass away, Rebecca steps up to take guardianship of her special needs younger brother, Drew. Needing a fresh start, Rebecca and Drew move to Granite Cove where she opens a flower shop. While having a few friends helps to distract Rebecca from the pain still lingering in her heart, all of her focus centers around protecting and caring for Drew.

The IED that ended his career didn’t just leave Vann with a few scars and bad memories; it took such a big piece of his heart, soul, and body that Vann is left feeling as though he can never be made whole again. All that changes when he sees the brave Nakina, charging down a quiet Texas street, and straight into his heart.

Dakota’s plan was simple: sell the part of the gun range she owned, leave Vegas, and get back to the quiet life she left behind when she set out to be a stuntwoman - that is until she meets Dex. Now, the very thought of leaving the hot, noisy city without him makes her heart ache, though she has no idea why. Dex, a rare panther shifter, wants to make a difference for wild panthers.

Grace, Lady of Cassio

It is the year 1331 in England. It is a turbulent time, especially for women–women like, Grace. She has the ‘Sight’ and if anyone discovers it, she could be executed as a witch. However, there are times when it can be useful. She has a twin who she cares for deeply, but she knows that he is in danger.

Lady Julia St. Vincent is out of options. Her father accumulated so much debt with a horrible moneylender and now he is sick. She has to come up with a way to pay the lender and the care her father requires. She decides to become Mr. Jules Smallwood, a steward to the new Duke of Dunscaby.