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Caius and Kendall have been engaged to be married since they were children.  He is spoiled and selfish, and has a reputation as being a ladies’ man.

Chase is a Seven Oaks Guardian in training who was possessed by a demon.

Since Vivien was young, she has always had a sense of knowing when something is wrong or is going to happen.  When she fails to listen to her senses one night, Vivien and her fiancé are attacked, and he is killed.  Vivien is left for dead with a lot of guilt and a big hole in her heart.  Grief-stricken and all alone, Vivien is unable to cope with her job and life.  Guided by a friend of her par

Sydney Jane

Eleanor has grown into quite the young woman — smart as a whip, intelligent, and endlessly adventurous. She has endured two seasons in London’s society with increasing boredom and restlessness, especially considering her heart already belongs to another: Grayson. He has mutual feelings for her, but holds back confessing them, even to himself, because of undue concerns he possesses.

What starts as a normal day for Professor Richard Dean, THE leading expert on the assassination of John Kennedy, is quickly turned on its head with the arrival of a mysterious package from an unknown source. The sender of the box is claiming that he is the true Kennedy murderer; he has the needed proof, and feels he needs to come clean before he dies.