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Raylene works in her aunt’s diner, where she bemoans the fact that nothing ever happens to her.

Down The Wormhole

PARANORMAL:  All Kitty can be sure of is that she was an orphan and her former tutor liked cats. Now she is being pursued by a sorcerer who wants her to have his child.

So I Married a Rockstar

After finding herself fired, Lauren Raines somehow manages to end up on the tour bus of the band Roadkill. She knows what rock stars are like: complete bad boys whose relationships with women generally last one night.

WESTERN:  Shannon McKinley has to get out of Scotland.  Even though she has no experience in looking after children, she applies for a job as a nanny on a ranch in Texas, where she finds widow Luke Griffin and his two wild childr

Homewrecker Incorporated
S. Simone

Claudia Mason has made it her life's work to help women catch their cheating husbands. She’s the best at what she does and it has made her wary of men and has played havoc with her own love life.