Recent Reviews

The Doorway

CNF:  Reviewer could not finish reading the story because of excessive head hopping and the use of metaphors.

Muriel Draper and her brother Isaac are thrown out of their house by the Clothmaker’s Guild after their father is killed peddling his goods in a different town.

CNF:  “Tiffany’s House of Burlesque” is written in first person, a very difficult point of view to accomplish without a lot of practice and a good handle on the written word.

Paige Carmichael is an average girl with a less than average job. Her father adds the spice to her family tree as a paranormal investigator.

Love, Alchemy

FANTASY/SCI-FI:  Daveigh Little makes some bad choices, and the chase begins. As a young girl about to leave her hometown behind and start new at college, frat parties aren’t in her cards.