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SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Kat Shaw is viciously attacked by a demon. Unfortunately, before she is rescued she is bitten several times. Now, she has a link with the demon and sees when he is with his victims.

Something has to change in Kennedy James' life. Until she figures out what that is, she goes to her Grandma's house in Tyler, Texas in the hopes it will help her stop feeling out of sorts.

Julia Murphy is a waitress at The Green Tree nightclub, looking to better her life by saving money so she can take the college classes she needs. However, fate has a different idea.

Mary Kildare is a well-liked therapist, and very good at her job. Sadly, having been a therapist for a few years has only reinforced her lack of trust in men. Her youth and lack of parental devotion is why she has grown up intensely independent, relying only on herself, and never asking for help.

Esme has always lived a relatively sheltered life - until now. Eamonn, her grandfather, asks Esme if she would use magic if she had it.