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WESTERN:  Riley returns home to Clifton when he receives word his father has passed. He can think of nothing better than flattening the farmhouse he’d suffered in as a boy. After leaving the abuse behind, Riley created a life for himself with good business sense and no end to beautiful women. When he returns home, Kaitlyn Parker has grown up and has a sweet little daughter.

Crazy About You

Chase Anderson is successful and has a job he loves. As an accomplished climate scientist, he's more concerned with warning the world about the dangers of climate change than he is with finding love. Besides, spending 40 plus weeks at sea doesn't leave him with a whole lot of free time to devote to that one special lady.

Upon the Tide
Ryan Jo

Piper Kincaid is one of the world's foremost fashion designers. While on a much needed vacation to visit her cousin in Florida, Piper's shopping trip to a local fish market has her witnessing an armed robbery gone wrong. As the only other witness to the robbery ex-cop Kade Wyatt is forced to stay at a safe house along with Piper.

FANTASY:  Eamon is well known as a murderer, a liar and a treasonous backstabber.

A Highlander in Vegas

TIME TRAVEL:  Braeden MacDonald is staring death in the face on the battlefield when a wish on a magical watch given to him by his Grannie transports him to a casino in present-day Las Vegas.