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Demon Bonds (Psy Demons #1)

Ginny Blackwell knows nothing of freedom. She spent her life as a slave to people who constantly abused her. It all starts to change on her 20th birthday when she comes into her psychic demon powers.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Ever hear the song “St. Patrick’s Day” by John Mayer? Well three friends are taking those lyrics to heart. Jayne just snagged the hunky VP of Marketing, Gray Brandt; but he’s hardly known for his staying power. Claudia’s got a Hallmark-card-perfect marriage, but dreams of the day she’ll hear the pitter-patter of little feet.

Anton and Lenora have created a haven in their little rose-covered cottage by the sea, basking in the glow of their profound love. Adding to their joy is the news that a tiny bundle will soon be joining their family.

Something Good

The thing with paying for past sins? You never really feel like you’re out of the red. Especially when you’re Mandi Evans. Her rap sheet of misdeeds is as long as Santa’s Naughty List, or at least it feels that way. So when hope comes knocking in the form of Lane Whitmore, she has trouble believing she deserves a love like his.

Rachel Marconi has had enough of men and bad relationships. After being burned yet again, she decides to focus on her pastry shop and her dream of competing on a Food Network Challenge instead.