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All Abby Strickland wants to do for the holidays is relax, read a good book, and spend time with her puppy, Simon. Maybe even spend some time with the handsome Ryan.

Paisley Archer and Matt Weston had been in love for years. Their marriage was wonderful, until… Matt decided to become a pro bull rider, pull up stakes and head off into the world of rodeo. Not only did he leave his wife high and dry, but also his father and their dog Tortilla (Tilla).

PARANORMAL:  Titus Acilius is a two thousand year old vampire who has left his humanity behind. Well, most of it.

Le Veque

They called him Beast. No one knew exactly why; they just knew it struck fear into the hearts of men on both sides of the war. At well over six feet tall, his size may have been the culprit.

It’s never good when blue and red lights flash in your rearview mirror. Especially when said lights yield one very irritated—very hunky—Sheriff. Just one more thing Annie wished she could escape. Why did this have to happen now?