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Penny White is going about her daily routine as the vicar of a small English village, when life as she knows it shifts to what others would consider unbelievable. Penny sees a dragon with her own two eyes, and her Bishop clues her into a whole other parallel world called Daear, where the supernatural mirrors the human realm of Earth.

Harper Sloan and FBI agent Colton Brady have some turbulent history between them. It’s recent history, but the ending was not what either expected.

Gorgeous Nightmare

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Dakota McBride has deliberately put herself in the path of a serial killer and Tyler Jackson is determined to save her before his vision of her death becomes reality.

After an extremely rocky start filled with anger, distrust, and fighting, Mel, demon judge, executioner and keeper of the demon Destruction, and Clarissa, powerful werewolf and guardian to the Gem of Avar

Bonnie Horner has a secret in her past she’d prefer to forget, but her circumstances demand she confront it and Rupert Cole - the man involved. In order to protect the girls in her care she’s willing to sacrifice everything, including her happiness. However, Rupert has never stopped loving her and he’ll do everything in his power to change the path she’s set herself on.