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Pope Gregoire XVII has been kidnapped.  Time is running out, and a mysterious cadre known as the Sword is using the Pontiff as a pawn in an international struggle for power.

Lies and Letters

Charlotte Lyon’s mother raised her to ruthlessly pursue a titled, wealthy husband — and to crush any competition in the process.  As a result, she’s a mean-spirited person and has never known love. When her family is financially ruined, she and her younger sister Clara are exiled to Craster, a town in icy Northumberland.

Lying In Ruins

POST APOCALYPTIC:  Charity is a Bloodhound — someone who is paid to sniff out missing objects, people or information. Her latest job finds her in Pebble Creek to follow up on a potential lead. Soon after her arrival, Raiders come and a deadly fight breaks out. Suspecting that whoever ordered the raid may have a hand in her current case, Charity is hot on the trail.

DARK GOTHIC:  For five years, the ghost of his dead wife Laura has haunted Jace Camden. Between the nightmares and the visions of her while he is awake, Jace is on the verge of a breakdown. It does not help matters that Laura's family believes her death was not a suicide. Jace has been running from his own guilt and the condemnation of her family ever since.

Caught Looking

Ryan Walker has had a passion for baseball his entire life. He has been fortunate to have a great professional career. After a shocking scandal forces him to lay down his bat and glove, Ryan leaves Los Angeles for the sleepy town of West Lake, Minnesota. He is not looking for complications, but that changes when he meets and forms a fast friendship with his new neighbor, Frankie.