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Murder on Pea Pike

Honey Ingersoll lands in Eureka Falls, Arkansas after a rough-ride relationship with her biker boyfriend. Ready to reestablish her life, she lands a job with a handsome local realtor by the name of Sam Ridley. She is eager to make her mark in the real estate industry and books a showing with a potential buyer to sell a dilapidated old farmhouse.


Yara Bujold is in the process of suing her seedy and sinister manager Marcus Kaine in an attempt to get out of her one-sided contract. 

The Warm Up

Suji Meriwether is trying to get over a bad break up. Three months after she and her long-term boyfriend broke it off, she has tossed his stuff out and moved into a new apartment. Still, she can’t shake the dark cloud looming over her. That is, until she meets Constantine Zimin, a man that makes her go hot in all the right places. The only problem? Well, he’s not who she thinks he is.

Dahlia Sabin has never had the perfect life. She is used to living rough but lately things are looking up. She finally has her soul mates by her side—Alpha Wolf Dean and Vampire Liege Patrick — and she has a whole colony of supernaturals willing to die for what they have built. However, with great power comes great responsibility.

SCI-FI:  Elissa Copper isn’t exactly known for her patience — ask her mother or her older sister —so when she finally sprouts her wings, she rushes off to what’s jokingly called “The Mating Mountain” where she will select her husband. As usual, however, nothing goes according to plan.