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Aramie is the second in command of the Lemurian panther pack, under the wounded leader Demir. She is an independent woman - an unacceptable role in the pack - as women should submit to a mate.

PARANORMAL:  Young Maria Graziana Kelly has discovered a lot about herself in the past year. First, she is a werewolf and sole heir to Greyback Pack, Hounds of God. Secondly, she is a dreamwalker.

Witches (Runes #6)

PARANORMAL:  Raine Cooper is not your average teen girl; in the past few weeks she has learned she is an immortal seer and a witch with some outrageous power.

The community of Laurelwood has been rocked hard by the Project Powering fiasco, handled by the Nexus Group and Senator Daren Sage.