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Facing the Enemy

MI6 operative Elise Taylor needs to heal from her latest on-the-job injuries. Her family’s castle in Scotland is just the place for down time, except while home she must adhere to family traditions which include using her birthright title, Lady Elise Henderson. Harry Benson, also an MI6 operative, has been recently assigned to investigate an arms dealer in Scotland.

Madelyn “Maddy” Tavernash, widowed Duchess of Glenmoor, while at her brother’s wedding, is sitting alone on a bench when Colonel Brynn Morgan finds her. Brynn offers to take her home, and Madelyn willingly goes with him. Brynn harbors a secret and strong affection for Maddy but isn’t able to tell her how he feels.

Lord Devon Pennworthy receives a mysterious letter at a house party. Devon is able to figure out the letter was written by Miss Lillian Clarke. Devon doesn’t really care for Lillian, especially since she always seems to be underfoot. Devon stays at her house, to be Lillian’s father’s apprentice. Devon must figure out how to make a perfect cup of coffee in order to buy a coffee house.

SCI-FI: After Princess Kylee disappears after she was meant to have married Prince Maju, Queen Miyako can focus on one thing: where is her daughter. After sending the guards to search Kylee’s bedroom, a cellphone is discovered hidden in the bedpost unveiling hundreds of video diaries. To Queen Miyako’s surprise, she doesn’t understand Kylee as well as she thought she did.

For the Murder

Diana Van Doren, an exiled crow shifter, fights for her right to become part of the murder. Unfortunately, her father tends to steal and has recruited Diana to help him. One of his schemes creates tension between him and a demon.