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Glorious Sunset

King Taka has waited 400 years to find his wife - but when he finally meets her, she has no idea who he is!  Victoria Jackson has made her own life, but something is missing.  She’s never had good luck with men – she doesn’t really love her current boyfriend Jerome, he’s just …convenient.  Until Taka appears and sweeps

SCI-FI:  An alien race on the verge of extinction invades Earth one night, searching for a species similar enough to their own to make reproduction possible.

Andrea McNelly is a unique shifter who escaped from a brutal and abusive pack, and took a job with a government agency bringing down supernatural criminals.

Olivia Pembroke thought her dreams of becoming a star were finally going to come true when she lands an audition for a popular home improvement show - never mind that she has no formal design training, nor has she ever actually used a power tool!

A Life, Forward
Tracy Hewitt

The sequel to “A Life, Redefined”, Rowan Sloane is back and trying to move on from the chaos that is her life. Now living with the Andersons, Rowan is working at a job she enjoys, and studying hard to finish school and go away to college.