Recent Reviews

On His Watch

Nikki Hart is a loving mom of two children and a third on the way. Her husband is the doctor at the local clinic in a small northern California town where there’s not much crime activity. Until the night that a violent attack takes place at the Hart home.

Anna Graham is fully capable of running her family ranch, but her uncles don’t really see it that way. Anna’s boyfriend Jackson Hart, disappeared ten years ago without a single word, and Anna is currently engaged to his brother Callum (Cal).

Gallus de Shera, Earl of Coventry, a powerful warlord, is being pressured to marry Hugh Bigod’s homely and rotund daughter. It’s not an arrangement he wants, but it would combine two very powerful families.

Drawing Lessons

Marie Witherspoon is being divorced by her politician husband Richard, for his gossip blogger mistress. In the midst of figuring out what to do with her life, her best friend Marie gives her a gift certificate for drawing lessons.

Wolf Born

"Wolf Born" is a dark, gripping tale that offers a few original spins on the werewolf legend, and introduces the readers to an action-packed story. Carly, the protagonist, lives a mundane, boring life. That is, until her boyfriend goes missing and she starts to suffer from freaky hallucinations.