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The Seer’s Lover
de Falla

Red eyes? White eyes? Gray eyes? Each color disclosed what side of the war between Good and Evil an individual fought on Angel, Demon, or Human.

A Poker Game of Love

Sylvia and James have had an ongoing understanding about their relationship for many years now and it works for them. They currently live in New York, but both are from Fargo, ND. When James is in the mood, he just has to say the word and Sylvia is there for him.

California Thyme

Mandy Parker is living in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California and working two jobs. Shes a waitress at the local grill and helps her best friend cook meals at the Inn she owns in trade for her room.

Piercing the Fold #1
Piercing the Fold #1

PARANORMAL/SCI-FI:  Jesca Gershon Sera is a typical eighteen year old, who has started college and is working in bookstore close to campus.

My Clarity

NEW ADULT:  Alexandria is leaving home to start college and is more than ready for the change. Her father has been gone just three months and her whole world turned upside down after his death from lung cancer. Her cousin Jimmy hooked her up with his old room, furnished apartment and roommate.