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Vivienne Rockport is the successful and proud owner of a high-end antique shop.  Part of her pride comes from the belief that she has achieved her success on her own.

State of Grace

Grace returns to her childhood home, perched on the English/Welsh border, to die. At the tender age of twenty-seven, a brain tumor signals a conclusion to her life as she knows it.

Take Me Down
Lauren H.

INTERRACIAL:  “Take Me Down” is a contemporary romance that is part of the Suits in Pursuit series. It opens in the city of Atlanta in a rundown condominium, where Ashley discovers her current boyfriend cheating on her.  She kicks him out, loses her dog, and then rages at a jogger. An amused Sebastian watches all this from the sidelines, deciding he likes the fire in Ashley.

“Golden Anidae” is book four in the Blushing Death series. Dahlia, vampire slayer, has had enough with the recent death of her close friend. She flees to Las Vegas and lays low with friend Enza while considering what to do with the rest of her life.

Babi Ali and the Clockwork Djinn: A Steampunk Faerie Tale
Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Day Al-Mohamed

STEAMPUNK:  In a new twist on the classic tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, this version stars Ali bin-Massoud:  an ambitious young man who dreams only of becoming a master artificer. The second son in his family, he is allowed by his father to learn more than the family business.