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Piercing the Fold #1
Piercing the Fold #1

PARANORMAL/SCI-FI:  Jesca Gershon Sera is a typical eighteen year old, who has started college and is working in bookstore close to campus.

My Clarity

NEW ADULT:  Alexandria is leaving home to start college and is more than ready for the change. Her father has been gone just three months and her whole world turned upside down after his death from lung cancer. Her cousin Jimmy hooked her up with his old room, furnished apartment and roommate.

WESTERN:  Carrie Wang has studied at the best medical school in NY that her parents could pay for. She has done very well until one day at the office when she gives in to a crush. A neurosurgeon that she has had her eye on for some time is coming on to her and they end up in a closet consummating their relationship.

COMEDY:  Maple Lane returns home after being away at college.

Dating Cary Grant

Tracy Conner is not in a happy place in her marriage. She works in New York and is looking for an apartment closer to her job at the television studio. Her husband Mike is the mayor of a small town in Connecticut and he is more married to that city and its townspeople than to her.