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Eamon MacDermott did not intend to return to the town where the Logan gang murdered his brother and his family: murders he failed to stop, and which left him nearly dead himself.

Almost a year after his youngest brother Finbarr lost his eyesight in a fire, Tavish O’Connor is the only thing keeping his family from imploding.  Despite his love and care, his family has lost all hope. Cecily Attwater has made a living bringing hope to the blind.

Vangie Vale cannot afford to draw attention. A  part-time pastor and baker, she seeks only to stay under the radar long enough to prove to the denominational offices that she can do her work faithfully and stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, when a box of her macarons is found at  a crime scene, Vangie promptly is caught up in a murder investigation.

Sally Muccio wouldn’t keep selling fortune cookies at her bakery if they weren’t so popular. They also seem to come true in a spectacular way, this time disrupting her wedding plans. When Sally and her fiancé Mike are almost victims of a random shooting, Sally becomes  suspicious — particularly when more fortune cookies containing death threats keep coming her way. Who could want her dead?

Dally Douglas is determined to enjoy her stay at her family’s ranch in Oregon. With only her brother to check her unconventional ways, Dally is free as a bird, and looking forward to the upcoming round-up. Perhaps she will even find a cowboy of her own — someone who loves horses as much as she does. Someone who is not the handsome, motorcycle-riding new town doctor.