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Jessie Morales is a hard working news anchor in Los Angeles. When her boss wants to talk about a possible promotion and invites her to chat in the elevator on his way out, she hesitantly obliges.

Spider Latham is a Deputy Sheriff from Lincoln County, Nevada. He’s just buried his mother after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s, and finds some much needed distraction in an assignment to investigate a situation at the Red Pueblo museum in Fredonia, Utah. His wife, Laurie, goes along with him in order to visit her cousins who live in the same area.

How to Train Your Knight
Stella Marie

MEDIEVAL:  When Sir Marcus “The Beast” Blackwell saves King Edward during the holy wars, he’s gifted with lands that would have gone to his older brother. His orders are to wed, bed, then hang the lady of the house, a young widow rumored to be a murderous witch.

Death by falling. More precisely, members of an exclusive old-boys club are being lured to, then pushed from high points and falling to their deaths.

“Master of Lies” opens with an expansive prologue to allow the reader to know that the story takes place in a mythical place in a mythical time. Think “Lord of the Rings” scenery with good dragons as opposed to gold-stealing ones.