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HISTORICAL/NATIVE AMERICAN:  Wind That Knocks Down Lodges and Cactus Flower are two young Apache children aged twelve and six, respectively.

Andrea awakes to the phone trilling in her ear. The caller has a message for her – the Master Vampire is dead. The call is also to determine if she too is dead, since she had once been blood-bonded to the vampire.

Curse Me Not

Elzetta Swan is a bodywasher, which means she can see auras and cleanse them of any curses that may have been placed upon them.

Liliana’s Letter
Alina K.

Mr. Mercer is determined that his daughter will marry no less than an Earl. He has chosen Thomas, the Earl of Hackwell, because of his title and because there is ore on his property.

Fighting Mad

FANTASY:  Carla is a single mom to two girls. She and her good friends Marilee and Megan live in Fayetteville, your typical small town: except it isn’t.