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Terin Campbell has been living in fear for the past four years--since she married Goron; however, he doesn’t want her as a wife. Preferring his mistresses, the marriage is never consummated. After his death, her mother-in-law plans to poison her, and ends up ingesting her own poison.

Cutter Forsyth spent the past ten years traveling the world and creating expensive art from recycled parts. He was labeled a troublemaker as a youth growing up in Flowery Springs, Georgia, and judged harshly. Simply put, his parents didn’t know how to parent him. His family has material wealth, and their business employs much of the town. Sadly, they are impoverished in matters of the heart.

Out of Poland
Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey
Narrator: Derek Shoales

HISTORICAL THRILLER: This short audiobook details the events that lead to the start of the R-Group, which fights cyber-terrorism and evil in many forms. It’s 1939 and Poland has just been invaded by Germany. Polish citizens flee for their lives just ahead of the German army. Along the way, three young men learn the location of an Enigma machine that could turn the tide of the war.

Love’s Broken Road (Lincoln Love Stories #1)
Julie Coulter Bellon
Narrator: Brianne Vega

CONTEMPORARY: Victoria Newel spent six years in an abusive marriage; her husband is now dead. To start over, she moves to Lincoln, Utah to teach math. It is difficult for her to trust men, after the way she and their son were abused by her husband. Drew Dalton is a widower and an English teacher at the high school where Victoria is employed.

Timeless Regency Collection: A Seaside Summer
Josi S. Kilpack, Heather B. Moore, Martha Keyes
Narrator: Kim Bretton

HISTORICAL: In “The New Countess,” Diane and Michael are married, but living as strangers with each other. They were both married before, but both spouses have passed away. Michael is an Earl who lives very formally. Diane prefers simplicity, but communicating that to Michael gets complicated. They have to figure out how to share the things they really matter to them.