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MILITARY:  With mere weeks until her wedding, elementary school teacher Becca Haddaway discovers that her quaint school is the next on the state’s budget-cutting chopping block and is to be shut down.

MMA/MILITARY:  Looking to start afresh after her failed marriage, Violet finds herself seated next to MMA fighter Nikko Del Toro on a flight to Las Vegas and propositions him for a one-night indoctrinatio

Kareem Henderson owns Fresh Cutz in Columbia, North Carolina. He dreams of expanding the business; taking care of the grooming needs of the high-end patrons he would have access to in Charlotte.

FANTASY:  Palmer Tash is an acolyte in a religious order in the bustling city of Latysia, even though he’s not particularly religious.

The year is 1983. Jana Lane is a former child star and now a bankable Hollywood actress who shadows a female senator in preparation for filming her upcoming movie.